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Psychic Spells

A Spell For Psychics


You will need:

A light bulb
Jasmine tea
A blue dish towel

     Brew a cup of jasmine tea.  Carefully anoint the top pf the lightbulb with some.  Do this by tracing an eye on the bulb with your pinkie.  Let the tea dry and then plug the lighbuld into a lamp.  Cover the lamp with the blue dish towel.
     Blue reprisents the ocean and all it's mystery.  Colors of a watery element such as blue turquoise or sea green are used to increas psychic power.  Use this light only when you are doing your spiritual work.  The only light more powerful than this is the light of the full moon. 
     Drinking jasmine tea before you go to bed can bring prophetic dreams.

A Spell For Prophetic Dreams
You will need:
A poppy seed bagel

     Poppy is used to induce trances or sleep and to reveal information while in a dream state.  Bagels with their round shape and hole in the middle symbolize the moon and feminine intuition.
     Place a poppy seed bagel under your pillow at night.  Take a bite first thing in the morning to insure you remember your dream clearly.

You will need:

     One of the most expensive spices, saffron was once as valuable as gold.  For this spell make some saffron tea and sip it slowly.  Sit in candlelight and look into a large bowl of water as if it were a crystal ball.  This is known a scrying.
     For this you must be totally comitted to what you are doing.  You must sit there and star until your eyes tear up.  And then keep staring until your eyes clear again (and they will).  This time when your eyes clear again is known as the time of vision.  It is now that your future will be revealed in what you see in the water.
     To see your past lives do the same thing, but drink a cup of peppermint tea instead.

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