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Here you will find all sorts of useful information to increase the success of your practices...



 Here are some elements and their properties:

 Asparagus is said to be an aphrodisiac.  Therefore it could be a good part of a romantic dinner.  Or you could use the more powerful part of the plant, the roots, and boil them in wine.  The gypsies say that drinking this for seven mornings will arouse lust, however this is not practical for those who leave the house during the day.

 Caraway: It is said that chewing a caraway seed while thinking of the one you love will draw them to you.

 Carry a cinquefoil (five finger grass) in your pocket for luck. 

 It is said the if you suspect your significant other is being deceitful, wear a piece of emerald jewelry.  This will make them reveal themselves to you.

 The scent of Jasmine will arouse the coldest man or woman.  Giving a body massage with jasmine and almond oil will bring about some heat.

 The scent of lavender will bring love into the atmosphere.  To sprinkle it under your loves bed and you will be sharing it soon, says one gypsy myth.

 Myrrh used in incense or oil is said to bring your lover to you.




Wiccan Thanksgiving Ritual

        It is customary on Thanksgiving, to make offering to Mother Nature.  Before eating any portion of your meal take a piece of it and collect it for the offering.  This is usually done by placing the pieces in a large bowl in the center of the table.  When the meal is finished, the bowl is taken outside and emptied at the base of a tree.  Thus returning the nourishment to Mother Earth. 

        Use foods as offerings to particular gods, or goddesses.  For example, if you have been blessed with love leave part of an apple for Venus.



The Importance Of The Phases Of The Moon:


          There are three basic phases of the moon.  Each phase has an important implication related to magic.  The phases; new, full and dark are directly related to the Goddess; maiden, mother, and crone.  The Waxing cycle of the moon  when the moon is moving from new to full.  The waning cycle of the moon is when it is moving from full to dark.  Dark is the phase when the moon has become dark, when the waning cycle is complete. 

          When the moon is in the waning cycle is the time to perform magic that is meant to rid yourself of unwanted influences, or to decrease negativity in your life. 

          And as you would imagine, when performing spells to gain influence, or bring positive changes in your life you would do them during the waxing cycle of the moon.

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