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Here are some Spells to bring luck, or draw money to you...


For Luck

 You will need:

Cotton balls


Cotton candy

Bay leaves

Cinnamon sticks

          In southern folklore keeping a cotton ball in a bowl of sugar brings luck into your home.  Cotton candy is a sort of magical process of spinning sugar into cotton.  In ancient cultures it is believed that eating sweet sticky things brings good luck when ingested because the sweetness will stick to you.  Therefore eating cotton candy will bring you good luck.  It is a ritual to make a wish while pinching off a piece of cotton candy.  Hold the wish in your thoughts until the piece is completely dissolved in your mouth.  It is said the wish will come true. 

        There is also an old belief that keeping two bay leaves and a stick of cinnamon in your pocket will bring you luck.  The bay leaves ward off evil and bad bad luck.  Cinnamon is said to be favored by the gods since ancient times. 

        If you are having a bad day and wish to turn things around take a bay leaf in one hand, and sprinkle some cinnamon in your other hand.  Rub your hands together and crumble the bay leaf.  When you feel heat between your palms, drop your hands to your sides.  Brush them off seven times on the front of your pants.  If you fear soiling your pants, take off your shoes and slap each foot seven times to dust your hands off.  This will lead you to where your luck is.

Here's a money chant that I use, usually when I just can't make ends meet. It usually happens within a week.
Repeat these words at least 5 times (I say them longer just to make sure it works.until I can feel its working):
"Trinka Five Trinka Five,
Ancient spirits come alive.
Money comes and money grows,
Money's mine; to me it flows!"

Enjoy and Blessed Be!


Money Spell

 You will need:

Earl Grey tea

Green food coloring

             Earl Grey tea contains an herb called bergamot, which is used to bring money.  Drink a cup of the tea every morning to increase your earning ability. 

Another thing to do is to add four Earl Grey tea bags to a hot bath with half a capful of green food coloring.  As you sit in the bath picture how much money you need.  If you are trying to win the lotto envision the amount of the jackpot.  Cup your hands and pick up the bath water.  Picture your hands filled with cash.


Spell to draw money to you

 You will need:

Chocolate milk or chocolate bars

Ginger snaps or cinnamon buns

        Chocolate is ruled by mars and is used in sexual and money spells.  Sacred to the mother goddess, milk is universally recognized as a source of nourishment.  It is best to drink milk to obtain money during the full moon.  According to witches, when the moon is full is when the goddess grants us all we need to sustain us. 

        Drink hot chocolate sweetened with honey from the new moon to the full moon to steadily increase your income. 

        Ginger or cinnamon can increase money very quickly.  They are both used for swiftness and luck.  Eat these snack midday to increase earning power and luck.  You can also eat them at the end of the month to help make ends meet.  This spell will not draw lots of money, but it will bring it fast.

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