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This is a page for Spells to protect yourself and your loved ones from harm...


Spell for serious protection from those who wish to do you harm

 You will need:



         No joke!  Bathing in beer is said to remove malochio, otherwise known as the evil eye.  Fill the tub with water and add a quart of beer.  Bathe for at least ten minutes.  Pour the water over your head and arms.  Fully immerse yourself in the water 3 times.  Because of the nature of the spell it is important that you keep your eyes open when fully immersing yourself.   After getting out of the tub let yourself air-dry.  Then wrap a white towel around yourself.

        With the towel around yourself, sit down and eat 3 pretzels.  They cant be sticks; they have to be the knotted kind.  This shape has significance. The shape of pretzels was sacred to the ancient Celts.  The round top symbolizes the sun and the twisted cross in the middle symbolizes the four seasons.  Pretzels are traditionally eaten on the winter solstice.  As you eat the pretzels picture the light of the sun around you protecting you from darkness and those that would harm you. 


Spell to ward off the Evil Eye

 You will need:

A whole raw fish

Sea salt or kosher salt

A blue plate


         Fish are used in protection spells because they live underneath the water and are impenetrable by the evil eye.  In many matriarchal societies the fish was the symbol of the womb of the mother goddess.  Much later the fish was made the symbol of Christ. 

          Take the fresh fish and cut the eyes out of it.  Place then on a blue dish and surround them in a circle of salt.  Hold the plate above your head.  Take your hands down while letting your arms spiral down in a clockwise motion.  Imagine blue waters of protection flowing around you.  Spend at least ten minutes concentrating on this though.  Rinse the contents on the plate down the drain and imagine all the evil around you being washed away. 


A spell for a safe journey on a plane

 You will need:


A wishbone from a turkey

A feather duster

A bunch of ripe bananas

         These days the fear of flying goes beyond the fear of crashing.  In these times there can be many worries before boarding a plane.  Most people are trying to avoid it altogether, but if you have to get on a plane, perhaps this spell will help.

          Turmeric is ruled by the god mercury, the god of speed and the god of air.  The Native American word for turkey is the same as their word for eagle, and is a strong symbol of a graceful flight.  The feather duster is also symbolic of birds, and expertise in flight.  They are also used for cleaning.  In this spell if anything ill were to happen the feather duster will insure it to be cleaned up quickly before you board the plane.  Bananas are ruled by Mars the planet of action.  The element air also rules them.  They grow upward, reaching toward the sky.  Because of this they have the power to ward off negativity and bring luck.  They can also invoke spiritual forces. 

          Take the feather duster and brush it across the floor, then raise it in the air and gently brush it down on the ground again.  As you do this repeat this chant three times;

                 I pray the flight be safe and sound

                 From taking flight till touching ground.

                 Gods of air keep me safe

                 On this flight Im about to take.

          It is said that to chants that rhyme have power.  If they are repeated three times they will come to be. 

          Hold the wishbone high over a pile of powdered turmeric, and drop it in the spice.  Dust the turmeric off the wishbone.  Pick it up, blow on it and rub it for luck.  Place it in your back pocket.  Make a wish for safety as your are seated and buckle up for the flight.  Remember to place the bananas in your carry on luggage. 


Spell to protect your house

 You will need:

A bucket of warm water

Two tablespoons of vinegar

Black pepper




A blue or white sponge

         To protect your home from burglary, get a bucket or warm water and add two tablespoons of vinegar.  Add three shakes of black pepper along with three pinched of salt and one drop of ammonia.  Make sure it is only one drop of ammonia to make sure the mixture is not too strong. 

          All of these ingredients together will make a potent protection formula.  Throw a dash of oregano in there for piece of mind.  Wash you windows from the outside and wipe down all the doorknobs.  Finish by splashing the water on your front porch and under the doormat, if you have one.  If you live in an apartment with carpeted hallways just sprinkle the water over it, or mist it from a spray bottle.

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