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Here are some spells for self improvement and health...



A spell for success in school

 You will need:



Spearmint chewing gum

          Rosemary will improve you memory.  Many witches suggest seasoning your food with it when you are studying for an exam.  Mustard is ruled by mars and stimulates the brain.  It also increases drive and ambition.  If you are still unsure of yourself at the time of the exam, chew some spearmint gum while taking the test.  Spearmint also stimulates the brain and can be used as a quick fix to help you remember things.


Spell to Remove Obstacles in Your Life

 You Will Need:

Powdered drain opener

Plastic wrap


A black magic marker

An empty mayonnaise jar

                Fill the mayonnaise jar with powdered drain opener.  Cut a small slit in the top of the jar so that you can shake out a small amount of the mixture.  You will need to spell out words with it.  Write out your obstacles with the drain opener on a cutting board.  You can cover the board with plastic wrap to protect it.  Shake this powder into the drain and visualize yourself no longer being blocked by this obstacle. 

                This spell can be done a different way if you have a garbage disposal in your sink.  In this case write you obstacle down on the inside of a piece of a white eggshell with a black magic marker.  Black and white are the most powerful colors used in witchcraft to dispel evil and negativity or to clear the way of obstacles.  Drop the eggshell in the drain and turn on the disposal.  Visualize your obstacles being smashed as the eggshell is in the disposal. 

Spell to Ward Off Winter Ailments
You will need:
pine cleaner
lemons or lemon oil
apple cider vinegar

     Many houshold cleaners have magical properties. We buy them because we want our houses to be clean, but their ingredients allow us to clean our houses on a physical level and also a spiritual level, which is just as important.
     Colors are significant here. A yellow product will invoke the attributes of the sun. Green is a color of abundance and also of healing. Blue is a color of peace and protection.
     The most common household cleaners are pine of lemon. Pine cleaner will help ward off illness in the home, as lemon cleaner will remove negative energy. Apple cider vinegar can be used internally or externally as a purge and strengthens the immune system.
     Make a mixture of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and a capful each of pine cleaner and lemon oil. Use it to wash the floors and other surfaces in your house.
     You can also clean your bath tub with pine cleaner and draw a hot bath. Add the juice of two lemons and two tablespoons of vinegar for personal protection from colds and flu.
     Drinking water with a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, or a squeeze of lemon, and honey can ward off a cold.

Spell to ward off laziness

 You will need one of the following;





All spicy foods

           All of the things listed here are ruled by Mars.  Mars is the planet of action and is ruled by Aries, the sign of initiation.  If you are having trouble with getting motivated just add these things to your diet. 

          The best way to do this is to eat a whole artichoke.  As you peel off the layers imagine your obstacles being stripped away from you.  Imagine yourself getting rid of all the feelings of your inertia. 

          It is also said that in a pinch you can stimulate your brain and body by placing a drop of mustard under your tongue.


The American Way Spell

 You will need:

Fresh or dried corn


       Corn brings prosperity to the home.  Even though it is usually only a fall tradition, hanging corn outside your house will attract wealth.  There is also a belief that eating corn during a full moon will increase your income. 

      As you pop some popcorn, yell out a wish you would like to come true each time you hear a kernel pop.  This is actually a good spell to do with children, since it teaches them to realize their goals and wishes.  It can also be quite fun for a group.

You Will Need:
one egg

This spell is as simple as they get. Eggs have great power and one of their powers is the ability to absorb negativity.
For this spell just take a hot bath and place an egg in the tub with you. Be very careful that the egg does not crack or break. (I personally enter the tub with a few eggs on hand just in case)
Focus on all your negative energy being absorbed by the egg. Picture your worry, sadness, stress, pain, fear, anger, or whatever you are feeling being sucked into the egg and out of you.
When you are done with the bath make sure to let all the water drain before removing the egg. It is very important to dispose of the egg properly to insure the negative energy absorbed does not place itself where it can affect you or others. A good way to do this is to return the energy to the earth to be recycled. Find a large strong tree that has been around a long time. Bury the egg at the base of the tree while pictureing your negative feelings being left there to return to the earth and recycle itself as pure energy. Meditate on this as long as you need to to feel purged. Then walk aways from the tree, the egg and your negativity. Make sure not to look back.