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Here are various Spells related to "The Family Circle"...


For family unity

 You will need:


A gas stove

       There is an old gypsy belief that throwing a small handful of salt over the family cooking fire will every Monday morning will keep a family together and heal arguments.

        Since no one uses a cooking fire anymore a gas stove will have to suffice.  If your family cooks breakfast every Monday morning, this will be easy.  If your family goes the cereal and toast way, you may have to start cooking everyone breakfast on Monday mornings.  This may turn out to have a healing effect in itself. 

        Throw a small handful of salt on the gas burner flame before cooking the meal.  Salt is known as a purifying element and will clean the atmosphere in your home.


Spring Treat Spell


You will need:

One dozen eggs

Food coloring



          Spring is the season of renewal.  The egg is used in many springtime religious ceremonies such as the Jewish Passover, and of course Easter eggs.  Like many traditions this is taken from ancient pagan beliefs.  Pagans worshipped the goddesses Eostre and Astarte.  Modern witches place a red egg on their altars as a representation of the lifeblood and the Mother Goddess.

          This is a spring ritual to promote renewal.  Take some hard boiled eggs and dye them with food coloring.  The color of the egg is very symbolic.  Red can be used for love or for honoring the Goddess.  Green is to be used for money or fertility.  Blue is for peace and protection.  Yellow is for happiness and health.   Orange is for success and creativity.  Purple is for strength and power.  Plant wishes in each of them for yourself and your loved ones.   You do this by writing the wish on the out side of the egg, or by taking the egg in both hands and mentally projecting you're wished into it.  For beginners I recommend writing the wishes on the eggs. 

          Next, hide the eggs outdoors.  This provides a kind of incubation period for the wishes.  As they sit hidden they will absorb the positive energy and fertility of the earth.  Soon after you have buried them have your loved ones look for the eggs.  When the eggs are found the wishes will manifest themselves and will be "born" as the eggs are opened.  As each egg is eaten, the qualities manifested within the egg will start to exist in the one who had eaten it. 

          It is not uncommon for tribes many years before the birth of Christianity to bury eggs to promote regeneration of the earth.  If your wish is for healing of the planet bury the eggs and don't dig them up.  The color red is used to honor the Earth Mother; green can be used for ecological matters as to "keep the earth green".  Blue would be used to protect the world's oceans and promote world peace.

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