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Which Dreamed It?
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Poems on the lighter side...

By: White Tiger

Love can move mountains and touch the sun
It touches you and me and everyone
It knows no boundaries of time or space
It resides in the heart, a special place
It will not bend when trouble it finds
It stays strong through the hands of time
With love there are also many kinds
That can be shared between two minds
One can love another more than most
Even if they are on seperate ends of the coast
But love between two that are close at hand
Is the best love in all the land
So go out and love as much as you can
Its all a part of the overall plan

A Little Poem
By: Alyce Liddell

The curtains blow lightly in the warm summer breeze
exposing the stars.
And I think of you.
I feel you blow in with the wind.
Your warm spirit surrounds me,
and I know that I am safe.

By: GloWorm 02

Still to this day
you try to keep me
by playing with the strings of my heart
i try to move on but you wont let me
you keep my hear klinched tightley in your hands
yet you happy with someone else
knowing it breaks my heart thinking of you
in another persons arms but mine
yet you tell me
you cant spend time with me
your afraid of the feelings it will bring
see you have feelings
you just wont let yourself fell them
that makes you a coward
not wanting to deal with your feelings
knowing that i have the same ones
face it your afraid of commitment
to tell you the truth so am i
but with you by my side i
can over come anything
lets over come it together

~~*I Dream Of You*~~
By: BabyGirl2938

Floating in a sea of dreams
Wishing on a shooting star
Drifting with the clouds
To wherever you are
Angels take me by the hand
Into a heaven full of stars
Whisping me through the night
Right into your arms
The north wind picks me up
Giding me to you
Through the never ending stars
Rainbows and the moon...


These Eyes
By: Psychedelic_62

These eyes were shy when they first met mine
These eyes looked away while the lips smiled
These eyes were gentle while the mouth spoke
These eyes told me more than what my heart can hold

And these eyes give me strength to face the day
Just a glance from these eyes and once again I'm okay
I hate to see these eyes in gloom
It hurts me deep inside, somehow I feel doomed

Could these eyes ever fill with love at the sight
Of me who is neither pretty nor bright?
Could these eyes lock with mine for so long
And not complain as to where the hours have gone?

I will always dream of him who has these eyes
Him who is my sunset and sunrise
My soul can be seen through my eyes
From there you'll see mine is a love that never dies.

(c) 2002

By: Erica R.L.

Crawling on hands and knees
tireing from the endeavor

slumped against the cold wall

She looks at the young hands

notice the wear and tear

tears now sweep the intense memories

to the corner of her mind.

Her thoughts and fears escape from blue eyes

Afraid to let go of the past

she cradles the thoughts, the tears in the hands

that once held him

She begins to question everything

"Why can't I move past the past"

"When will the pain relent?"

Unending questioning of herself, of him, of the thing that was "us"

All convictions now a sudden whirlwind of confusion.

She hears him call again, the lies still falling from his cunning mouth.

His symphony, melodic words to soften

A stride to hide the "truth" he claims to be so paramount.

Finally she sees the "truth" for what they are


The realization of wasted time, tears, words, even wasted love.

A new emotion takes over, virility?

In a trance, ignoring his pleas, a beautiful smile erases the stain of it all.

She drys her face, brushes his existence of f her hands, now, uncuffed from the lies

"It all makes sense now"

She blinks, seeming as if for the first time.

Alive and aware

Old friends gently grasp her hand leading the way

distant from him and the chaos that was once her life.


Hope. Courage. Clarity.

A new beginning.

By: Alyce Liddell

In the face of terror
we came together,
the nation and the world.
And there is a new found sense of pride
when that red white and blue flag
is unfurled.
and we will stand strong.
We WILL punish who did this wrong.
On September 11th evil took tho the skies,
and too many innocent people died.
But in the face of terror we came together,
showing what humanity can do.
I have never been so proud to be an American,
and to support my country through and through.

By: Alyce Liddell

The stars are so bright tonight.
Everything shines in their ethereal light.
I feel like Im about to take flight.
Everything is going to be all right.

United We Stand
By: BabyGirl2938

Today is the day that we all come together
To show our spirit and our pride
We make the best of what is left
As the faith spreads nation wide

Everywhere I look I see the red, white, and blue
The colors of freedom and dreams
United we will always stand
No matter how hard it seems

By: Katie Hill

Whenever I see you,
My heart begins to pound.
Your beauty makes me tingle,
While I love your laughters sound.
When I hold you close,
And kiss your lips.
I know it then,
I want my life to forever be like this.
The warmth of your smile,
The softness of your lips.
Nothing in the world,
Could ever compare to this.
My love for you is undying,
It grows more in every way.
I hope your love for my is ever lasting,
So we can fall in love again every day.

By: Babygirl2938


It's time for you to go
You can not stay
So give me a kiss
And just walk away

I'll see you later
But don't say good-bye
Good-bye's are forever
Good-bye's make me cry

So just turn around
Just walk away
I'll see you again
Somewhere, someday


Contra Mundum
By: Psychedelic_62

If I should take a step nearer
It would change my life forever
If I should enter this gate
It would then seal my fate

A vow to love you and stay true
A promise to be there for when you're blue
To hold on and lovingly bear
All that life cares to offer

No, it scares me not
To find out what
Life would be like
With us side by side

If that step should mean being forever yours
I am willing to do through that course
Contra mundum, my love
You're my lifeline from above

(c) 2002

She's the Swan of my Dreams
By: Linnet

The swan of my dreams,
White as the paper I write upon,
Soft as a mothers touch,
But still...I cannot hold her.

Her wings are strong with love,
I know they will wait only for me,
Until I sleep, until I dream,
Only then will they wrap themselves around my thoughts.

I cannot feel her true warmth for my waking hour,
I feel her softness only while I slumber,
Her feathers are of only the purest white,
But they are by no means as pure as her love.

By: Alyce Liddell

When the skies seem their darkest,
and the sun had been gone for days. I was swept back in a warm wave of friendship.
Sometimes the windows are dark,
and the house is vacant,
but it seems that the guests always know when to arrive.
The vital things that keep you alive,
are always the smallest.
The things often untouchable by the naked eye.
Things untouchable by the naked skin.
All that is within.
And all that is around. These are the things that never make a sound.
So hard to see
left to be unacknowledged.
But today I saw the DAWN!
When all these things come to light,
to be seen in all their glory.
If heard nothing, hear my story.
Look closely my friend, and give love where it is received.
For the rewards are great,
and the happiness they create is irreplaceable.


A Nations Hope
By: Fox

Our hearts are many
our views so few
in eyes we see
so many are blue
in the light of darkness
our lives are threatened
this we face
as we're trained to do
into battle we ride
under the red, white, and blue
for we are the best
so proud and elite
and ideals we'll defend
as we are the rangers
combat our creed
as honor we heed.

Can't Find the Words
By: Alyce Liddell

How do you find the words to express
A happiness so subtle?
How do you find the words
To explain this gentle grin?
How do you find the words
To express the fear of losing it,
Or the fear of letting it begin?
How do you find the words
To express truths unsaid?
You forget trying to find the words,
And put the thoughts to bed.

By: Katie Hill

I never gave you a second glace,
Until you got on that dance floor,
You waved,
And began to dance.
The way you moved your feet,
How your body moved.
I couldn't move my eyes,
They were stuck to only you.
When the music came to an end,
The applause thundered loud and long.
Yet I stayed still as stone.
Knowing in my heart,
That I wanted you all alone.
Walking off the dance floor,
Coming straight to me.
My mouth dry as the desert,
Knees starting to shake.
Mind beginning to focus,
On the memories I know we'll make.

By: Erica R.L.

On that day
we smiled at eachother
with tears in our eyes

On that day
I couldn't not leave you,everyone,
everything I knew.

I was hopeful, scared, excited
and nearly regretting
all at once

On that day I knew that you loved me
at least as much as someone like you can love
someone such as me,
such as anyone.

I wondered how I could let you go
and still feel your arms as I pulled away,
waved goodbye
turned my back.

I traded the merchant memories and emotions for
a prosperous future

"I will not stay"
"I will not wait for my future
to tap me on the shoulder"
The days matra.

And now...
your now,
my now,


My fault,
Your fault,
Our fault.

But not a single tear fell for you.

My smile is wider now
My laugh is louder

Because today is everything that day wasn't.
Someone else.
The definition of I love you.

At least to me.

Forgotten Memories
By: Linnet

Often I pause from my daily chore and recollect my thoughts,
I would sit in the afternoon haze not a care in the world,
Reading a book with the sun beating her rays down hard upon me.
These are the feelings I thought I had lost in a cloud of dust forever.
"They're only memories", I would say to myself.
But inside, I knew truly that they are more than "only".
Whether they're good memories or bad, if nothing else, they are mine to hold.
I will always hold memories not close to my heart, but inside it.
Here they will always be safe from any surroundment of dust.
Here they will always be safe, be safe and stay with me always.


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