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The Wonderland Press
Looking Glass Insects

Poetry from the darkest depths of the mind...


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Hasegawa Tohaku's Pine Wood
By: Jenny K.

Mist descending,
Over the land.
The mist is a cloud of death,
Taking the color out of the forest.
The trees like sickly skeletons hanging onto life,
Trying to breath,
Trying to get to the sun,
Trying to survive.

Walking through this land,
Like walking through a cloud.
Trees disappear and reappear.
They play hide and seek with your mind.
Roots like tenticals trying to trip you.
What must one do to survive?

This land may have once been a rich forest,
Like the promise land.
No longer is it so,
No more life,
Except that of the trees.
A grave yard,
But these trees' only home.

A clearing it seems,
Like a ray of hope.
Maybe there's a way,
To find your way,
Out of this place,
Where no one wants to stay.

By: White Tiger

You say you're hurting
I know its true
But you tell me
There's nothing I can do
You've got scratches
All over your arms
One for each day
Since you fell apart
There are things
I'd like to say
But I'm afraid
You'll push me away
So I lie
Here in bed
While these thoughts
Run through my head
There is something
I must do
I just want to say
I love you

By: Alyce Liddell

The silence between us
is sometimes to much to bear.
And lately I wonder
if you even care
about what I do, where I go,
who I choose to get to know.
Or if you have any opinion at all.

When you're in the drink,
you take the time to think,
and tell me that you love me.
But when you're dry,
it makes me cry,
because it seems like you barely
think of me.

By: Katie Hill

Im so tired
Why wont you let me sleep?
I dont ever want to awake...
Sleeping forever
Now that is my dream
I dont like life
Is that so bad?
Maybe I want to die
Why do you want me to live
I dont bring anything to the plate
No intelligence,
Have I convinced you yet?
Now let me sleep forever
For I dont ever want to wake up

I Love You Just the Same
By: Alyce Liddell

I wish I had something nicer to say
But when your gone you're just so far away
It's like I don't even know you anymore
I don't know where you are
Wether you're near or far
I wonder sometimes if I trust you

I send you cards to show you
How often I think of you
I get a form letter back from you
And I just don't know
If I can keep up this act anymore
I know you don't really love me
You don't like to think of me
So why do we play this game?

I wish you'd just tell me the truth
Instead of making me gather the proof
But somehow I love you just the same

Foe Unknown
By: Fox

In the dark, in the distance
Beneath the red moon rise,
Echo the sounds of war-- man's battle cries
Deep in the midnight haze, an evil moon tonight
The clash of swords, their shining blades
Consumed by the evening twilight
Noble knights test their might
Against a faceless foe,
Unknown is wince they came, from where, or how, or why,
Despite this uncertainty, valiantly they fight,
For they know no other cree.
One listens near in hopes to hear
The cheers of victory, or silence of defeat.

I Must Move On
By: Carolyn

I must move on
i've waisted a year for what
nothing what do i have to
show for it a broken heart
the memories of a man
that does not love me
a man that never loved me
the man that used me
why did i keep trying
i knew it would only
leave me with a broken heart
but yet i kept trying
to make you love me
i did everything you asked
i was yours for the taking
and you just threw me away

Souls Alike
By: Fox

A quest,
A curse,
An ancient right,
Divine thy pursuit,
Mais damned thy reich,
Forever thine have,
Forever thine will,
Search the world,
For soul to held.

Broken Family Circle
By: Alyce Liddell

Thank you for teaching me
how not to be
A long time ago I became finally free
Of your ways,
The end of the days
You ruled my existence.

But now when I need you most,
Once again you've left your post
And your duties are left for another.
I could have ten thousand "mothers"
But it's still not the same.

You've missed so much,
And yet you miss more.
And you'll miss the most important things still,
Because what I do is against your will,
And you're too afraid people will think ill
Of you.

So send the car to take me away.
But I'm your only one and you'll regret it someday.

You cast me out, and ignore what you've got!
I hope you're happy, you're missing a lot

In Flame We Rot
By: Fox

Here we lie in the burning sand
Trapped in the halls; the halls of the damned
Darkness reigns where light has no power
There is no other, but to sit an' cower
'neath the shade of a ruthless lord
Upon the mercy of Hell's own sword
Cursed by ignorance of one's own deeds
For long ago; warnings i did not heed
Fated to repent as fire hath burn
Let no doubt; for love doth scorne
Tis here i rot; in death I not expire
Cursed forever, to scald in its fire.

By: Alyce Liddell

The wind knocked out of me.
The shock.
Today I realized
that bright shining star
was just an illusion.
Now I'm filled with pain
and confusion.
Where did you sleep last night?
Why did you take off on me?
I hate you!
Just let me be.
You left me alone,
in search of another.
And now I realize,
I'm not your only lover.
A lesson you taught me once before,
seven years ago.
I should have learned it back then,
and just let you go.

A City Drowned
By: Linnet

A city drowned in all its sorrow
Looking back its not tomorrow
Its today and there's nothing left
Not even the din of a faint drawn breath.

No land is here left to fight on
No pastures red, stained from the blood of the dead.
All is calm, no life is stirring
Something telling us what we should be learning.

Theres nothing left, nothing to hold a final breath.
Its all so quiet; its how it "should" be
Now theres nothing left
Nothing to hear and nothing to see.

Unrequited Love
By: Alyce Liddell

And again I'm sitting here
without a damn thing to do
And all I can do is think about you.
Stupid! Stupid!
I call myself,
because you're gone
and there's nothing I can do
but sit around and think
of the past
the times I spent with you.
I love you!
I miss you!
So much I want to say.
But you don't want to hear it.
I wasn't supposed to get attached to you
But I couldn't help it.
So many feelings get in the way.
And instead of looking to the future,
all I have left is yesterday.

'666 Roadster
By: Izzy

'666 Roadster He gave up
Took the fast lane
Dropped the car into fifth
Crash and Burn
Kamikaze to hell
Paralyzed and rotting
afraid to live
now he'll never be the same

I'm afraid I'm in the driver's seat now
Trying to drive up hill
car still in low gear
afraid the accelerator may stick
I want so bad to turn around
will I ever be the same
drop it down
don't fucking turn
gone too far to give up now

Drugstore cowboy
with a fix and a rig
he gave up
took the fast lane
dropped the shifter all the way down
blew up the highway
Crash and Burn
Kamikaze to hell
fucking paralyzed
now he'll never be the same
screaming with a needle in his vein
"till death us do part"

By: Alyce Liddell

Farewell, my friend.
I wish I could say "I'll see you again!"
Missing your friendship
I will always regret.
Farewell, my friend.
I wonder were you are.
Have you traveled near or far
during your dreams of fire?
And did you have many to celebrate
your life,
your death,
upon your funeral pyre?
Farewell, my friend.
An absent friend always missed.
A friend who had never been kissed
by the joys of life
so supreme.
The joys that would have kept you here,
that keep you still here
with me.

By: Katie Hill

I've slit my wrists
Can you see the blood?
You cry out you love me
Hah... what is love?
All you say is dont hurt yourself
That you love me too much
You dont care that I hate life
That I would rather die
Than live another day
I wont come back this time
Gone in every way

Death of a Child
By: Katie Hill

While she took her last breath,
I felt my heart being stabbed in two
My little girl was gone
Gone before she turned two
I wiped the tears from my eyes in vain
For the tears kept coming
Pouring down my cheeks like rain
I sat in a chair
And cryed all my sorrows
Knowing I'de never see her again
Not today
Now tomorrow
Ill miss her forever
But yet ill go on
Sucking in my breath
I relize with a sob
A part of me will forever be gone

Box of Broken Glass
By: DramaQueen816

Verse 1:

My head is in so much pain
I have nothing else to gain
I look at these cardboard walls
Try to escape with futile calls
Attempt to move one limb
But I remain rigid, this whim
Has stiffened my joints, I cant
Spin, run, laugh and chant
My mind has gone totally blank
Into the murk the thoughts have sank


Im having this dream--Im
Chasing you in this rocky cave
My knees are torn and they havent been shaved
I cant catch you and show you my scars
Why cant I break these fucking bars?

Verse 2:

The air I breathe is suffocating
My body and soul no longer relating
They separate and leave my skin cold
Im left here to grow this blackish mold
I cant feel my nails jab my palms
Fast heart rate starts to remain calm
The red liquid in the glass body has spilled
Pieces shattered, no one and nothing rebuilds
Im lying there sharp and lethal
Awaiting for some curious people


Im feeling so uncleanIm
Crushed apart in this torn up box
My edges are fatal and not held by locks
A figure full of life lifts up what caused my death
What is it that causes his last, dying breath?

By: Carolyn

I gave you everything
you wanted a relationship
I gave it to you
you wanted to be just friends
we were
I'm tired of doing everything
for you and getting nothing in return
I want you by my side
I want you out of my mind
I want my heart back
you have toyed with it enough
it doesnt belong to you
you dont want it anymore
you just want to play games with it
give it back so I can move on

It Wasn't Supposed to be Like This
By: Alyce

I'm tired of feeling so insignificant
I have to let you go
Life wasn't supposed to happen like this
I wish I would have known
That you could be so cold
And ignore my every wish
Life wasn't supposed to happen like this
Happiness is so far away
And I feel so alone
Love wasn't supposed to be like this
Love was supposed to grow

By: BabyGirl2938

Are you an Angel?
Like when I pray?
So beautiful and bright
Taking me away.

But if you are an Angel
Why are you making me cry?
Please don't take me away from here
Some one please tell me why!

Please tell me Angel
What did I do so wrong?
I'm still to young to go so far
Tell me please, what have i done?

I can not leave my family Angel
They all seem so sad
Will you tell me please
Why does it hurt so bad?

Why does it have to be me Angel?
I didn't drink and drive
The one who should be here
Is still down there alive...

Between Sanities for the Moment...
By: Erica R.L.

inhales the harshest of truths
Accepts the inevitable and surrenders from the chase
now with time on her hands
She counts the hours, the days in storms
of lightning, thunder and hale
that burdens this season in purgatory.
She meditates till she is numb
Somehow the thunder
the lightning and hail
tracks her down

blind in all senses
She talks to the one that whispers quite sweetly
Fading back to then
Returniing to find the mountain
crumbled and in disarray.
The chaotic winds matching her own stirred emotion
She lets go

She Cried
By: Jenny K.

Her clothes were old,
Her hair was a mess,
She wasn't bold,
Her name was Tess.

All judged her,
Shewanted to hide,
None loved her,
She cried.

Not one friend,
And her parents had died.
None loved her,
She cried.

You'd think people would care,
You'd think they'd realize,
When she came out of the bathroom,
With tears in her eyes.

A month later,
The princeble came to say,
What had happenned to Tess,
One fateful day.

She was no more,
She'd taken her own life,
She walked through the door,
For she had no life.

An Unusual Elegy
By: Psychedelic_62

The crystal was pure, the crystal is broken
Innocence is lost, never to return
Slowly my eyes filled with tears

Your wails haunt me deep in the night
They pain me, but I never shall shut my eyes and ears
They pain me, and my eyes are filled with tears

It's not love which puts oneself before the other
It's never love, my friend
Yet now you are his, and your eyes are filled with tears

Promise me you won't stare at tomorrow with empty eyes
Promise me this, and I will bleed for you
I would hate to see you through the years
with your eyes filled with tears.

(c) chat 2001

A Poem for Mark
By: Psychedelic_62

You stabbed me for the hundredth time
When i saw you looking at me like that
Cringing with fright as if i'd skin you alive
My reflection in your eyes is distorted
And you hate me

Don't you know that my love is gentle
It's not intended to choke you
But i will let you walk away
I will just endure the pain
If love must die, i'll try to forget you

I packed my bags and they are heavy
Yet i must go on
As i stole my last glance of you
I beheld a smile adorning your face
You confused me for the millionth time

You touched my doubtful heart
When you smiled your wonderful smile
Don't hide from me anymore
I can hear the screams of your soul
Just as i can see the tenderness in your eyes

(c) chat 2001

The Whole World Is Crazy
By: Alyce Liddell

The whole world is crazy.
The incestial family,
the lies and deceit.
They all fall apart,
but always again meet
in humble defeat.

The whole world is crazy.
How can these people be my friends?
My brothers, my sisters
True to the end.
In theory.
But when the other cheek is turned
The ugliness shows,
And I end up knowing
Things I don't want to know.
How close am I to this mess?
I can't help but wonder
What lies beneath.
Am I another victim
Of the infidelity and deceit?
And how do I make sense of all that is around me?
The whole world is crazy-
I think I'll just run away.

Name Game
By: Psychedelic_62

Many nights we were as
One. In my heart emotions
Rippled like the sun. Love is
Reflected in your eyes. Love is all that's
Inside. It all seemed true. I am
So into you.

Vague memories are all that
Is left of the love you said would
Last forever and ever.
Little by little I'll try to forget the
Awe that flooded when you said
"No one compares to you." Pictures of
Us fill this head of mine...My head aches and I am
Empty inside. The dreams you shared with me are
Vast, limitless...I'm drowning in your whim.
All I can do is to try to hide the tears that sting my eyes.

(c) chat 2002

By: Katie Hill

Standing in the crowd
Wanting to scream
Hoping to die
My smiling face
Never the truth
Its all a lie
Cheerful smiles
Joyful laughs
No happy thoughts in my mind
Appearing to sweet
Seeming to be loved
Feeling nothing of the kind
Want the crowd to break
Everyone will go
Then I can just be alone
Sensing I'm falling fast
Not knowing what to do
No one to count on
Feeling helpless
Silently beginning to cry

What it's Like When You're Gone
By: Alyce Liddell

Love was something I used to beleive in.
I always thought that it would find me.
Whenever I think I've found it, it just can't be.
I miss those old ghosts I used to know.
Those ghosts who only wanted me.
Now they're merely shadows I can't even see.

I wish you never happened.
I wish I could just be free.
Now I'm stuck depending on you
while you've forsaken me.

Sitting around just passing time.
The phone hasn't rang for days.
Nothing to do but sit here and think of all the different ways
I'm missing you.

But all along I still love you,
as twisted as it seems.
But I never open my mouth to tell you of my dreams.
I wish you were here, loving me as much as you love everyone else.
But you just keep me on a shelf,
like the toy you never play with.
That porcilain doll just for show.
And all these thoughts and feelings inside me, things you'll never know.

The Uninvited Death
By: Katie Hill

I sat by his bed,
Weeping my tears,
Talking to him soft,
Telling my fears.
I know he can not hear,
But still I talk.
I tell him I love him,
Yet still he must die,
At the young age,
Of 5.
He has a disease,
That will take his life,
And it cuts through my heart,
Just like a knife.
Oh why must your die?
I shall miss you,
Little Brother, Little guy.

Red Stains White
By: DramaQueen816

Running through the snow
I cant tell where Im going
My destination is a blur in the distance
Matter of time before I stop breathing
And my face hits the icy earth
The blood runs down my cheeks
And I cant taste its bitter taste
As I try to keep from crying
Cant feel my cracked hands and...

Theres no God to protect me
No god to carry me
No god to heal me
No god to watch me
No god to hold me
No god to save me...

Freezing in hell
The snowmen laugh at me
Im searching for warmth
But my body loves the cold
Feel the empty space in the sky
Leaking down on my head
My brain is a raped object
And the predator doesnt exist
Cant see my ashy legs and...

Theres no God to avenge me
No god to hear me
No god to feel me
No god to smell me
No god to tell me
No god to follow me...

My lungs cant take this
Wolves are hungry now
Their eyes sparkle with greed
Blood has been sensed and found
Climb a tree of twig branches
Feel my head smash to the ground
Unconscious to the dangers
See my life flash before me
Cant see my dying heart and.....

No God protected me
No god carried me
No god healed me
No god watched me
No god held me
No god saved me...

Footprints in the snow
But theyre solely mine
Ran with two broken stems
The flowers petals crushed
The claws of beasts destroy
While nature sinks down under--
My body exhales once more
And awaits its victimizing
Cant feel my color stain the white and....

No God avenged me
No god heard me
No god felt me
No god smelt me
No god told me
No god followed me...

Not For You
By: BabyGirl2938
You say you love me
That you would never let go
But now it's all over
And deep down you know

You say you cant stop it
That the pain is so strong
But it's all your fault
That everything went wrong

You asked me why
I walked out the door
It was your decision
That we are no more

The day you lost me
Was the day you lied
It was your choice
And I will not cry

I won't shed a tear
Not one for you
You said you loved me
But that love wasnt true


By: Erica R.L.


A puzzle missing a curved final edge

A book without the last page

A beautiful rose without it's petals

An ocean surrounded by pavement

A fragment of a memory remains in my heart

with an array of words


yet written

in uncomplete.

The Weight of the World
By: Alyce Liddell

I feel that strap tighten again.
Bills to pay, so much to do today,
but nothing ever gets done.
To lighten the load with others
would be a grave mistake,
and one I will not again make.
So the weight of the world I carry on my own.

So my shoulders sag,
and the world, it nags and nags me til I'm raw.
Til I feel like I've pulled the last straw.
But somehow within me I find the strength
to wake up and do it all again today.

Wrongful Death
By: Katie Hill

It was the last day of my life
I had teased you in class
But I had never been mean
Never made you cry
Now your pointing a gun at me
Screaming that you want me to die
I never have experienced this
So I just stand in shock
Everyone runs screaming
While I stay still as rock
I just wish I could see my parents
And tell them Im sorry for what Ive done
That I will love them forever
But then I hear the fire come from the gun
The bullet goes into my chest
And I fall to the floor
The pain goes away quickly
And then I see no more

Life = Hell/Earth
By: Fox

The earth is cold and dark
Sunrise casts no light
O'er the blackness I've created
Joy once came with each day's mourn
Now doth not come, seems forevermore
I'm haunted by dreams of the times of old
When with but a word from a star
My troubles did fold
A glimpse from the eye
Seems hard to believe
But my heart did fly
The days brought sunshine
The nights brought peace
The path was clear & confidence ruled
But all good things must end
Warnings I heard but did not heed
Ignorance not an excuse-- I wondered why
Cursed I am and banished i be
Betrayed by life and love
I deserve not thy sympathy
For my world is dark through my own stupidity
No light is shed on these dark days
My eyes are open but i see naught
What is one to do when life inverts
When all goes wrong and futile attempts are
To right the wrongs from a state of madness
I stand now trapped in my own Hell
With naught to turn but fiery ashes
As hell and earth have become one.

Strange World
By: Alyce Liddell

Red eyes squinting
Unknown show on the flickering screen
What the hell am I doing?
The early sun approaches
No rest is mine
Soon the chatter of the cold streets will be back
And I awake will be here to wonder what it all means
Where the hell am I going?
I'll never again be where I've been
The world is so strange to me now.

Not Yet Time
By: BabyGirl2938

God took you from this earth
But it wasnt time for you to go
Only seventeen
He must not have known

He must have been mistaken
The angels must have been blind
You had so much to live for
It couldn't have been your time

The hearts of those who love you
Will never ever heal
And everyday we wish it was a dream
That none of it was real

But deep in side we know
And we ask God please
Tell us you made a mistake
Put our hearts to ease...

To Ken...

By: Carolyn

Why are my feelings so strong
why wont they go away
why are you so little
why must you go away
why must you break my heart
why cant i get you out of my head
why cant i make the feelings stop you did
i just want to know why

Life Falls Flat
By: Alyce

Where is the romance that life promised me?
Am I just better off being free?
The flowers, the poetry just doesn't exist
Though something like love does always persist
But I'm still all alone with my dreams.
And what would you do?
Would you make all my fantasies come true?
Would you do all the things I want you to?
Or will it always be just me and my dreams?
Because right now-
That's the way it seems

Blind Oblivion
By: Fox

Eyes be open but envision naught
Ears are keen but do not hear
Senses alert, but oblivious of thee
Thy shade before me, but i do not see
Aware of elusive, but blind to blatent
Forevermore-- Life is non existent
Cursed and condemned by mine ignorance
Banished from happiness and renounced by love
Hell erupts and becomes thine earth
And here i burn forever in its cove.

By: Izzy

D-day Don't believe the hype
I'm a liar and a cheat
Finding you was a true fight
And I don't think your obstacles I can beat
I'm trying to be honest
I want to let you know how I feel
Bu't I'm so fucking scared
This is my fantasy
Aided by all this time we shared
Battle scars are my badges
I wish they didn't frighten you
I can't hide my past
I can't deny, this is all true
I know you have the bandages I need
But how can I ask such beauty to cover these sores that still bleed
I feel so dirty when I look your way
But in your smile and touch I feel the answers to the times I

The Looking Glass
By: Alyce Liddell

The world swirls before me
through the looking glass.
Visions of the present melt with visions of the past.
Down a dark tunnel,
no light at the end.
And through the glass
I look for a friend.

By: White Tiger

Verse 1
Where do you think you're going to?
Going to find your pot of gold?
Well I'd hate to ruin your plans
But something's not quite at hand.

What did you do with tomorrow?
Where'd you put it, where'd it go?
Without it how will I shed my sorrow?
Tell me please because I must know.

Verse 2
You took my dreams and ran away with them.
Now all I have left is my pain.
I want to just hang my head and cry
Ever since you said goodbye

But what did you do with tomorrow?
Where'd you put it, where'd it go?
Without it how will I shed my sorrow?
Tell me please because I must know.

I gave you all I had then I gave you more
You took what you could get, then walked right out the door.

What did you do with tomorrow?
Where'd you put it, where'd it go?
Without it how will I shed my sorrow?
Tell me please because I must know.

Spiraling Downward
By: Katie Hill

Spiraling downward,
Into the void I call my mind.
To frigtened to speak,
Terrified of what I'll find.
Losing all faith,
Lacking all hope.
Embaressed to tell,
To depressed to cope.
Crying my self to sleep,
Every single night.
Speaking hardly ever,
Feeling I'm not right.
Many nights wants to die,
Hardly a night I do not cry.
My parents dont even notice,
Friends to busy to care.
Would kill myself,
But I wonder,
Would anyone relize that I wasnt there?

The Invisible Girl
By: Alyce

You can come and go as you please
Make new friends with ease
When you're the invisible girl
You can party all night
And do things that just aren't right
When you're the invisible girl

I'm the invisible girl
All alone in my own world
I won't let you in because once you begin
You'll leave me high and dry

You can do what you want
Be subtle or blunt
When you're the invisible girl
Don't worry about being offensive today
They'll forget you tomarrow anyway
When you're the invisible girl

I am the invisible girl
All alone in my own world
I won't let you in because once you begin
You'll leave me high and dry

But it's lonely and blue
When no one loves you
Because you're the invisible girl

I Have No More to Give
By: Carolyn

Everytime I close my eyes
I can see you
I cant get you out of my head
I wish we were together
why couldnt you tell me you cared
you told everyone else
maybe that could have
made a diffrence
if I had known
you really cared
not just using me
you treated me like shit
yet I took it
because I loved you
I gave you what you wanted
the only thing you wanted
yet that was never enough
you always had to have more
I can't give you any more
I have nothing left
I gave you my heart and you broke it
that was the last I had to give

Troubled Teen
By: Katie Hill

Is this real?
Is it my time to die?
My heart says yes
But my eyes ask why
As I gaze into the mirror at my self
I wonder
Why do I want to die?
So young
When I lift the gun to my head
I hear my mind scream no
I close my eyes
And let my body go
To young to die
But dead

Silly Thoughts
By: Alyce Liddell

I sit here alone, me and my pen
And I sit back and wonder just how long it's been
Since life was care-free
And I was happy
Before fear took root in my brain
Til I feel like I'm going insane
Cracked glass on a window pane.

I'm all alone now and I don't know how
To deal with the stess of this life.
I try to speak out, but my best friend will shout,
He doesn't want to hear my strife.

Like Atlas
The weight of the world hangs on my shoulders
The echoes in my head like falling boulders.
White blinding pain,
Will I ever be at peace again?

I know it's a sin,
But sometimes I just want to jump out of my skin
I don't want to live this life.
And he'll never make me his wife.
I'll always be detatched
A lonliness never matched.

So much time wasted over silly thoughts
Trying to be grateful for what I have,
While only being able to think of what I have not.
And wondering when life will change.

I'm trying to be happy with what I've got,
But it's not enough anymore
My spirit is poor.
Someone please open the door,
And let me into the sunshine.